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Municipal Water & Sewer

The current Water/Sewer Agreement between Oneida Charter Township and the City of Grand Ledge has expired.  We are actively working on negotiations to come up with a fair contract for both parties.  We will provide updates as available.  

December 16, 2020  Agenda
December 16, 2020  Minutes 
Water/Sewer Timeline click HERE

The Oneida Township Committee is actively meeting with the City of Grand Ledge Committee to come to an agreement.  They have met twice in August 2021, once in September with another meeting scheduled for September 2021. 



November 9, 2021 at 7:00 p.m.

The Oneida Charter Township Board will conduct a public hearing on the proposed conditional transfer of territory from the Township to the City of Grand Ledge pursuant to Act 425 of the Public Acts of 1984, as amended, pursuant to a Cooperative Development Agreement (the “Agreement”) between the City and the Township. The public hearing will take place at the Oneida Charter Township Hall, 11041 Oneida Road, Grand Ledge, MI 48837, on Tuesday, November 9, 2021, at 7 p.m. Members of the public are invited to present oral or written comments at the public hearing or written comments received by the Township before the public hearing by mail or delivery to the above Township Hall address or by email to the Township Clerk at jkilgore@oneidatownship.org.

An outline of the Agreement and a map of the territory that may be conditionally transferred under the Agreement is posted online on the Township’s website: http://oneidatownship.org/Public-Notices. The territory that may be conditionally transferred under the Agreement is generally described as all properties located outside the current city boundaries of the City of Grand Ledge and within Sections 1, 2, 3, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15, except for the South ½ of Section 15, T4N, R4W, Oneida Township, Eaton County Michigan (the “Cooperative Development Area”). Under the Agreement, certain properties within the Cooperative Development Area may be conditionally transferred at the request of the property owners to receive new municipal water or sanitary sewer service from the City.

Persons with special needs as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act who request accommodations should contact the Township Clerk’s Office at least three (3) days prior to the public hearing.

Dated: October __, 2021  
Jackie Kilgore, Township Clerk
Oneida Charter Township
11041 Oneida Road
Grand Ledge, MI 48837    
(517) 622-8078


PURPOSE OF AGREEMENT: Oneida Charter Township and the City of Grand Ledge wish to enter into this Agreement to (1) continue providing City water and/or sewer services to existing Township water and/or sewer customers of the City, (2) reduce the factor for rates and charges to existing Township customers, and (3) provide a process for further extending City water and sewer services within the northeast quadrant of the Township to promote economic development and growth within the greater community. In addition to other benefits, the City and Township hope to achieve the following purposes by entering into this Agreement:

  • Encourage planned growth within a sensible geography near the City
  • Maintain the geographic integrity of the Township and the City
  • Attempt to prevent “leap-frog” developments and preserve farmlands
  • Reduce the ongoing and inevitable parcel by parcel Act 425 requests that the Township and City will face in the future
  • Provide a large enough area that will support the upgrading and expansion of City water and sewer capacity
  • Encourage in selected areas job-producing industry that will greatly defray the costs of expanding water and sewer capacity

AREA COVERED: All properties located outside the current City boundaries within Sections 1, 2, 3, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15 (except for the South ½ of Section 15) of Oneida Charter Township (the “Cooperative Development Area” or “CDA”).

  • CATEGORY 2: Each property owner decides whether and when their property will be transferred to Category 2. Owners can choose to move to Category 2 by requesting new water or sewer service from the City. Existing Township water only or sewer only customers may receive the other City service (water or sewer) without transferring to Category 2, except for water only customers whose property is contiguous to the existing City boundaries. Properties in Category 2 will be treated for all purposes as located within the jurisdiction of the City (including taxes, voting, services, etc.).

DURATION OF AGREEMENT: The Agreement is proposed to commence on January 1, 2022, and will continue for 50 years, subject to renewal by mutual agreement of the City and Township.

PROPERTY TAX SHARING: For property taxes paid by owners in Category 2, the City will annually share with the Township an amount equal to 1.5 mills assessed against the taxable value of all properties within Category 2 for the fifty-year term of the Agreement. Any parcel served at 30 years and one day through the 50-year agreement will be extended for 20 years.

EXCLUSIVE PROVIDER: The City will be the exclusive provider of municipal water and sanitary sewer services in the CDA, except that:

  • For properties, or portions thereof, bordering M-43 east of the existing City boundaries (“M-43 Tier”), the City will have a right of first refusal to provide water and/or sewer services; and
  • For properties north of the M-43 Tier of properties and south of the Grand River east of the City beyond Oneida Woods Trail (“Willow Hwy Tier”), the City will not be the exclusive water and sewer service provider.

WATER AND SEWER RATES, FEES, AND CHARGES: During the term of the Agreement, the rates, fees, and charges for water and sewer services in the CDA will be as follows:

  • CATEGORY 1: For sewer service, the same rates, fees, and charges as for customers within the City; for water service, Category 1 customers will pay the following factor times the City’s then current rates, fees, and charges: 1.5 for 2022-2031; 1.3 for 2032-2041; and 1.15 for 2042-2071. Eligible existing Township water only or sewer only customers receiving the other City service (water or sewer) in the future without transferring to Category 2, will also be required to pay township special assessments for the actual costs of any new water or sewer extensions needed to serve their properties.
  • CATEGORY 2: The same rates, fees, and charges as the City. The City’s policies for special assessments will also apply.

TRANSFER OF INFRASTRUCTURE: The water and sewer infrastructure currently owned by the Township within the CDA will be transferred to the ownership of the City.

ANNEXATION: While the Agreement remains in effect, no properties within the Cooperative Development Area may be annexed, detached, or transferred, except for the conditional transfers expressly permitted by the Agreement.

DISPOSITION ON TERMINATION: At the end of the Agreement, all properties within Category 1 will remain in the Township and all properties within Category 2 will remain in the City.

WATER AND SEWER AGREEMENT: In addition to this Agreement, the City and Township will enter into a new Water and Sewer Agreement to replace the agreement that expired in October 2020. The Water and Sewer Agreement will run for the same term as the Cooperative Development Agreement.

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